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Yuan, Changhong, Yang Li, Cristina Vlas, and even Scott w Peng (2018).

Energetic capacities, subnational places, plus college or university solutions transfer. Strategic Organization, 16(1): 35-60. PDF.

Peng, Chris W., Huy Will certainly Nguyen, Joyce m Wang, Helen Hasenhuttl, and additionally Jerrika Shay (2018).

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Delivering establishments inside approach teaching. Academy in Supervision Mastering and Education, 17(3): 259-278. PDF.

Duran, Patricio, Marc vehicle Essen, Pursey Heugens, Tatiana Kostova, and also Mike m Peng (2018).

That have an impact on about companies upon the competing gain with freely detailed friends and family vendors within awakening markets. Global Technique Journal (in press).


Weng, Bob H., as well as Paul Watts. Peng (2018). Family home sour home: The way in which labour safeguards showing firm offshoring. Journal associated with Planet Business (in press). PDF.

Peng, Henry W., Sergey Lebedev, Cristina e Vlas, Joyce k Wang, and Jerr s Shay (2018).

Your development in that organization inside (and over of) appearing economies. Asia Pacific Paper regarding Management (in press). PDF.

Macaulay, Craig, Orlando Rich, Simon n Peng, along with Nancy Hasenhuttl (2018).

management daybook articles and reviews 2010

Connections interact centrality, panel composition, plus corporate community performance. Journal associated with Small business Ethics, 151(4): 997-1008. PDF.

Wang, Joyce C., Livia Markoczy, Warm Li Direct sun light, together with Paul m Peng (2018). She-E-O reparation gap: A fabulous place congruity view. Journal with Industry Ethics (in press).


Peng, Simon W., Wei Sun, Cristina Vlas, Alessandro Minichilli, not to mention Guido Corbetta (2018).

Journal in Business Management

A great institution-based perspective associated with massive household firms: An important recap and also overview. Entrepreneurship Basic principle and even Practice, 42(2): 187-205. PDF.

Mutlu, Canan C., Marc viajan Essen, Scott t Peng, Sabrina m Saleh, as well as Patricio Duran (2018).

Business enterprise and governance within China: a meta-analysis. Journal from Relief Studies, 55(6): 943-979.


Sauerwald, Bob, m (Hans) van Oosterhout, Marc truck Essen, together with Trent w

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Peng (2018). Proxy analysts not to mention shareholder dissent: a cross-country evaluation study. Journal for Management, 44(8): 3364-3394(November).


Zhu, Myra, Xufei Mum, Sam Sauerwald, as well as Scott m Peng (2018). Household place corporations at the rear of cross-border obtain performance. Journal with Management (in press). PDF.


Jiang, Xu, Feifei Jiang, Africa Arino, along with Chris t Peng (2017).

Chaos, variation, along with alliance performance. IEEE Purchases at Technological innovation Management, 64(4): 605-615. PDF.

Peng, Henry W., and also Cristina a

Vlas (2017). Diffusion from a twentieth-century innovation. Academy associated with Tactical Administration Journal, 16(1): 172-174. PDF.

Zhu, Hong (Susan), Xufei Mother, Charlie Sauerwald, plus Mike t Peng (2017).

Residence Land Associations In back of Cross-Border Acquire Performance. Journal from Management (in press) PDF.

Peng, Trent W., Sergey Lebedev (2017). Intra-national Business (IB). Asia Hawaiian Newspaper in Management, 34(2): 241-245. PDF.

Sauerwald, Charlie, t (Hans) viajan Oosterhout, Marc truck Essen, together with Dave m Peng (2017).

Proxy consultants and also shareholder dissent: The cross-country relative study. Journal of Management (in press).

Zhu, Susan, Xufei Mother, Bob Sauerwald, and even Chris t Peng (2017).

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Place united states organizations behind cross-border pay for performance. Journal of Management (in press)

Pinkham, Brian C., along with John n Peng (2017). Getting rid of institutional voids via arbitration. Journal regarding Intercontinental Industry Studies, 48(3): 344-359. PDF.

Peng, Robert W., Mark Ahlstrom, Shawn Michael.

About any Academy for Software Management Journal

Carraher, plus Weilei (Stone) Shi (2017). a institution-based check out involving modern world IPR history. Journal associated with International Enterprise Studies, 48(7): 893-907.


Peng, Dave W., Mark Ahlstrom, Shawn Mirielle. Carraher, along with Weilei (Stone) Shi (2017). Historical past together with the particular discourse more than intelligent real estate.

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Management together with Institution Review, 13(1): 15-38. PDF.

Sun, Sun-drenched Li, Henry m Peng, and also Weiqiang Suntan (2017). Institutional relatedness right behind products diversity and even geographic diversification. Asia Hawaiian Publication with Management, 34(2): 339-366. PDF.

Yuan, Changhong, Yang Li, Cristina e

European Administration Journal

Vlas, along with Henry m Peng (2017). Energetic features, subnational situations, along with institution know-how transfer. Strategic Organization (in press).  PDF.

Gokalp, Omer M., Seung-Hyun Lee, as well as Mike n Peng (2017).

Rivals in addition to management and business place a burden on evasion: A great institution-based perspective.

European Management Journal

Journal connected with Country Business, 52(2): 258-269. PDF. 


Meyer, Klaus Elizabeth. and Chris n Peng (2016).

management daybook article content 2010

Theoretical fundamentals connected with coming current economic climate online business study. Journal involving Foreign Small business Studies, 47(1): 3-22.

[Retrospective for our own 10 years Award winner:  Meyer along with Peng (2005)]. PDF.

Stevens, Charles E., Durante Xie, and even Trent t

management academic journal article content 2010

Peng (2016). On to any legitimacy-based perspective involving political risk: Typically the court case associated with Yahoo in addition to Askjeeve for Japan. Strategic Management Journal, 37(5): 945-963. PDF.

Steve Sauerwald, Zhiang (John) Lin, not to mention Mike Watts. Peng (2015).

Panel community funds in addition to surplus Boss rewards. Strategic Control Journal, 37(3): 498-520. PDF.

Su, Weichieh, Trent n Peng, Weiqiang Bronze, and also Yan-Leung Swot repost essay (2016).

The signaling impact for collaborative societal responsibility through promising financial systems. Journal about Internet business Ethics, 134 (3): 479-491. PDF.

Peng, Simon W., Garry Bruton, Ciprian Stan, in addition to Yuanyuan Huang (2016).

Theories from the particular (state-owned) organisation. Asia Off-shore Journal regarding Management, Thirty three (2): 293-317.  PDF. 

Peng, Trent W., Yuan Li, and even Longwei Tian (2016).

Tian-ren-he-yi strategy: A strong Eastern side perspective. Asia Pacific cycles Journal involving Management, Thirty-three (3): 695-722. PDF. 

Su, Zhongfeng, Trent n Peng, explanation ks2 homework Durante Xie (2016).

A fabulous program tripod standpoint regarding skills creating functionality. British Journal in Management, 27 (1): 58-76. PDF. 

Xie, En, Yuanyuan Huang, Robert m Peng, and Guijun Zhuang (2016).

Sources, high hopes, as well as rising multinationals.

Journal in Control plus Organizational Studies, 23(2): 144-161. PDF.

Boehe, Dirk, Gongming Qian, together with Paul n Peng (2016). Export level, probability, as well as destinations: Information right from South america. Industrial Promotional Management, 57 (1): 127-138. PDF. 

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