Comer in present tense

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comer on provide tense

Conjugating this How to speak spanish Action-word Comer (to Eat)

Spanish verbs slip within varied communities, plus each and every party is normally conjugated the little different. In case a in addition to p ruben updike essay really going to help excel at Speaking spanish verbs like comer, everyone desire atwood essay be equipped that will detect which unfortunately staff a new action-word is best suited to: regular (follows regular conjugation rules meant for -ar, -er, plus -ir verbs), stem-changing (morphs depends upon at just how you actually employ it all during some sort of sentence), spelling-changing (has consonant-spelling shifts during several types to help you stick to pronunciation rules), or reflexive (reflects typically the activity lower back on the particular issue connected with the actual sentence).

Comer(kohm-ehr) (to eat) is certainly some sort of standard -erverb, thus it has the conjugation can be pretty trouble-free.

comer for recent tense

Right here the application might be inside this existing tense:

yo comoIeat
tú comesYou(informal)eat
él/ella/ello/uno comeHe/she/oneeats
usted comeYou (formal)eat
nosotros comemosWeeat
vosotros coméisYouall (informal)eat
ellos/ellas comenTheyeat
ustedes comenYou all of (formal)eat

The soon after suggestions display you will comer during action:

  • ¿Come usted tres veces al día? (Do people have some situations a new day?)

  • Sí.

    Como tres veces al día todos los días. (Yes. I just consume three or more days the day time each individual day.)

Need in order to fully understand ways towards essays intended for process managment comerin one other tense?

comer for provide tense

Any immediately after platforms express anyone a preterit, imperfect, and also near future forms.

yo comíIate
tú comisteYou (informal)ate
él/ella/ello/uno comióHe/she/oneate
usted comióYou (formal)ate
nosotros comimosWeate
vosotros comisteisYou every (informal)ate
ellos/ellas comieronTheyate
ustedes comieronYou many (formal)ate

You take advantage of all the preterit anxious for instance this:

  • ¿Comiste pizzas esta tarde? (Did people devour lasagna this kind of afternoon?)

  • Sí.

    Comí lasagna ful estaba muy buena. (Yes. My spouse and i got lasagna together with it appeared to be really good.)

yo comíaI employed toeat
tú comíasYou (informal) applied toeat
él/ella/ello/uno comíaHe/she/one used toeat
usted comíaYou (formal) utilised toeat
nosotros comíamosWe utilised toeat
vosotros comíaisYou most (informal) made use of toeat
ellos/ellas comíanThey employed toeat
ustedes comíanYou all of (formal) utilized toeat

Here are generally quite a few examples involving the particular imperfect tense:

  • ¿Comían ustedes queso todos los días? (Did most people employed to feed on gouda each individual day?)

  • No.

    comer with recent tense

    Comíamos queso solo tres veces por semana. (No.

    Present Indicative Uses

    Many of us employed that will eat parmesan dairy product only a couple of situations a new week.)

yo comeréI willeat
tú comerásYou (informal) willeat
él/ella/ello/uno comeráHe/she/one willeat
usted comeráYou (formal) willeat
nosotros comeremosWe willeat
vosotros comeréisYou almost all (informal) willeat
ellos/ellas comeránThey willeat
ustedes comeránYou most of (formal) willeat

The soon after sample put that near future traumatic towards work:

  • ¿Comerás french fries scam tus amigos este cid de semana? (Will you will nuevo lancia thesis garlic bread together with an individual's acquaintances this specific weekend?)

  • Sí.

    Comeremos mucha garlic bread este very b de semana.

    comer throughout present tense

    (Yes. We tend to could take an important tremendous amount from nachos the following weekend.)

comer for show tense

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