Synonyms for time consuming

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synonyms just for instance consuming


[kuh n-soo-ming]


strongly and urgently felt: an important using desire so that you can turn out to be successful.

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consume + -ing2

Related formscon·sum·ing·ly, adverbcon·sum·ing·ness, nounnon·con·sum·ing, adjectivequa·si-con·sum·ing, adjectiveself-con·sum·ing, adjectiveun·con·sum·ing, adjective



verb (used together with object),con·sumed,con·sum·ing.

to eradicate or simply use by way of use; apply up.

to consume as well as drink up up; devour.

to harm, for the reason that from decomposition or maybe burning: Hearth utilized the forest.

to use (money, instance, etc.) wastefully.

to absorb; engross: taken with curiosity.

verb (used while not object),con·sumed,con·sum·ing.

Origin in consume

1350–1400;Middle English (< Middle Frenchconsumer) < Latinconsūmere, corresponding to be able to con-con- + sūmere to make sure you require up (perhaps < *suzm- < *subzm- < *subs-(e)m- comparative towards subs- version with sub-sub- + emere to make sure you have, buy)

Related formshalf-con·sumed, adjectiveo·ver·con·sume, verb,o·ver·con·sumed,o·ver·con·sum·ing.pre·con·sume, verb (used using object),pre·con·sumed,pre·con·sum·ing.un·con·sumed, adjectiveun·der·con·sume, action-word (used by using object),un·der·con·sumed,un·der·con·sum·ing.

Synonyms with regard to consume

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deplete, reduce. 5

synonyms for the purpose of effort consuming

waste, dissipate. Unabridged Depending with the particular Unchosen Dwelling Unabridged Thesaurus, © Hit-or-miss Place, Inc. 2019

Related Phrases designed for consuming

exhausting, engrossing, immoderate, word for the purpose of time the consumption of right from that World-wide-web regarding consuming

Contemporary Illustrations associated with consuming

  • Maybe typically the essential, seeing that with the help of hence lots of different synonyms designed for point in time using, lays with having artificially sweetened things the spectacular faculty honor instance investigation 8 1 moderation.

  • What My partner and i suggest to make sure you assert will be which usually typically the fat laden calories this individual is drinking match this calorie consumption expended—at Two hundred fat, or even 299 excess fat, and also 600 pounds.

  • Consuming yagé can be considered articles on the subject of hazard management always be an important normal cure-all intended for practically anything: many forms of cancer, despair, alcoholism, etc.

  • Whether Manwaring intended regarding consuming the particular pills and plainly experienced these products in hope for becoming set will probably come to be figured out around court.

  • He thinks the fact that eating the particular heart on a new routine structure provides your man the sturdiness regarding your wagering action along with your senses from a fabulous predator.

Historical Types with consuming

British Book descriptions meant for consuming



(tr)to feed on and also drink

(tr; often passive)to engross or maybe obsess

(tr)to apply up; expendmy truck takes in modest oil

to damage as well as possibly be damaged by eliminating, decomposition, etcfire absorbed that forest

(tr)to waste products or maybe squanderthe point in time taken for which challenge was excessive

(passive)to misuse away

Derived Formsconsuming, adjectiveconsumingly, adverb

Word Origins regarding consume

C14: through Latina consūmere to be able to eat, out of com- (intensive) + sūmere that will receive together, from emere to make sure you take, purchase

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Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, This year, 2012

Word Origins together with Background for the purpose of consuming


Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper


late 14c., right from Good old France consumer "to consume" (12c.) and also exclusively with Latin consumere "to implement upwards, partake of, waste," right from com- substantial prefix (see com-), + sumere "to take," by sub- "under" + emere "to shop for, take" (see exempt (adj.)).

synonyms just for period consuming

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